Collaborative and Results-oriented Approach

We meet with a prospective client to discuss needs, strategies, and deliverables. These preliminary meetings give us information and the “fit” between expectations, team members and approach. These consultations are provided at no cost to the client and result in a productive working relationship. They are the basis for a scope of work that is realistic, tailored to the client, and with a high chance of success as the client has been part of the process.

The client is a critical partner because the success of Escoffery Consulting Collaborative rests on our clients’ active involvement.

The process includes working with clients to build internal capacity and implementing the strategies. At Escoffery Consulting Collaborative we believe that we have been successful when clients implement the strategies after our team has completed its tasks.

Our approach results in satisfied clients who have developed the capacity to change because they have been involved in developing the strategies that work for them.